Can you set-up a registration page?

Yes, absolutely, every event package has a registration included as standard. The is a custom branded landing page with customisable fields. In addition you can also integrate with other platforms such as Cvent.


What’s the difference between 2D and 3D?

The Procreation platform has the same powerful CMS system supporting both 2D and 3D solutions. This means that most features are available across both. 2D offers a more traditional flat webinar style visually, whereas 3D provides a fully immersive navigable environment. Typically 3D can take longer to deliver, and can also be more expensive, as there is more design and programming work involved in setting it up. Our environments include a virtual conference centre, sports arena, jungle or even a space station with transporters to beam your audience anywhere in the universe!


Can I host my platform on my own URL?

Yes, every event can be hosted on your own URL or we can provide one for you.


Are 2D and 3D solutions compatible as hybrid event solutions?

Yes, all virtual platforms integrate seamlessly as hybrid event solutions. In person and online attendees can interact using the same tools, including asking questions and participating in polls during live sessions.


How do you attend a Procreation Virtual Event or Experience Center?

You can connect to an event straight from your browser with no download or installation required.


Is there a virtual exhibition area? 

Yes, all platforms, whether 2D or 3D include customisable booths which include videos, media downloads, plus 1:1 video chat and a video networking meeting room.


Do you support poster submissions?

Yes, all platforms, whether 2D or 3D include customisable posters which include videos, media downloads, 1:1 video chat and a video networking meeting room.


Do you have a Sponsors area?

Yes, all platforms, whether 2D or 3D include a sponsor area which can include videos, media downloads, 1:1 video chat and a video networking meeting room.


What presentation tools are available for plenary sessions?

All sessions have a feature rich set of tools which can be used, including support to load PPT slides, high quality video playback, polls, whiteboard, chat and Q&A which can be moderated and upvoted.


What presentation tools are available for breakout sessions?

Breakout sessions have the same feature rich set of tools as main plenary sessions, including support to load PPT slides, high quality video playback, polls, whiteboard, chat and Q&A which can be moderated and upvoted.


How can I network with other attendees at an event?

We have multiple options for connecting and networking across every event using 1:1 chat and video for every attendee, network cafe, breakout sessions, speed networking and event themed group chats.


What gamification can we include in our event?

There are many gamification options including a Scavenger hunt with leaderboard, quizzes and virtual arcade game zone with pinball, paceman, space invaders and much more!


Can I include a survey to collect audience feedback during the event?

Multiple surveys can be used to capture valuable data throughout your event, from basic feedback through to information gathering for research.


What analytics can I capture during an event?

We have an advanced Metrics system in our CMS which captures data across every event. This includes user attendee behaviour across different sessions, popular areas of engagement, who visited what parts of the platform, how long they stayed and what they clicked on, watched or downloaded. Call data can be viewed in the dashboard and exported in .csv format for post event emulation.


Can I log in using my smart phone?

Yes, although for the best virtual experience we recommend using a laptop or desktop using Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge. You can however access using mobile or tablet.


How do I join a video meeting or presentation?

Once logged in you can use the menu bar as a short cut, or navigate around the environment to the meeting zone and click on the meeting session you require. For multiple sessions you may have a personalised experience which presents only the sessions you have registered for.


What is a Virtual Experience Center and what do I use it for?

A virtual experience center is a virtual platform designed for regular use as a sales, training or workplace solution. It enable you to have a secure virtual destination where you can facilitate meetings, product demonstrations, learning programmes and provide media materials, downloads and educational content for customers or your team.


What is an attendee has technical issues on an event?

Every event is supported with a dedicated live team that manage any attendee queries, from registration through to technical support. Each platform has live chat on the platform, plus email support.


Are plenary conference sessions recorded and available on demand?

Yes, in most circumstances all main plenary sessions are made available in the platform media centre. 


How do presenters connect to an event?

Presenters connect via the same login access as attendees, they are just provided with different permissions to allow them to present. If a session is being run as a live stream then a presenter would be provided a dedicated secure video link to connect to the studio. In all scenarios onboarding and rehearsal are completed ahead of the event to ensure everyone presenting knows exactly when and what to do on the day of each event.


Do you provide training and support for presenters?

Yes, every event we provide training (we call it ‘onboarding’) for anyone that will be joining a meeting session. This ensures all presenters or facilitators know exactly how to use the tools they need for their session. In addition rehearsals are also advised to support everyone, presenters and the production team and ensure each event will run smoothly.


How long does it take to set-up a platform?

For 3D platforms we usually advise at least 12 weeks, for 2D at least 4 weeks and four experience centres these are usually 12 weeks+, depending on complexity, design and trying required.


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