Virtual Events

Host your brand’s own immersive virtual experience

We create world-leading 2D & 3D virtual event experiences

From virtual conferences to exhibitions, galleries and gaming experiences we deliver the most engaging and talked-about virtual events to brands across the globe.

Whether you are looking for something that’s visually epic or simply provides a straightforward informative experience, our expert virtual event designers know what it takes having worked on some of the biggest brands worldwide.

Our virtual events are highly flexible with a host of different options to help you take your first steps into the Metaverse. From a simple 2D login and stream to a 3D immersive walk-around platform with virtual networking, the possibilities are endless. We’re here to help and guide you through what’s best for you and your brand.

ImmersivePro virtual event features

Our virtual events platform comes loaded with features to help you run your unique event as smoothly as possible. 


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Event detailed information


Media Library

On demand videos, trackable video, PDFs



Video avatar welcoming guests



Include Speaker biographies



Environment map highlighting key areas



Learning Management System, with live tutor mode



Scavenger hunt, quizzes with leaderboard


Main Plenary meeting room

Main conference rooms for larger events with live streaming & high quality show delivery


Breakout Rooms

Unlimited breakout rooms, with collaborative real-time meeting rooms



Connect with other attendees using chat and video chat all within the platform



Custom branded booths with live video chat, webinars, content on demand


Profile & briefcase

Update your details, track your progress, collect points and downloads


Network Cafe

Join the conversation with virtual tables for everyone to network with real-time video

No download required!

Our platform uses the latest technology to deliver a high quality user experience, straight from your browser, no downloads required!

Hybrid ready!

Integrate live events with virtual, bringing audiences together throughout the world.

Custom branding

A completely bespoke 3D Virtual Experience Centre with a dedicated URL (

Enterprise grade security

We have ISO 27001 certification and are fully GDPR compliant. We offer SSO integration enabling your organisation to seamlessly and safely host meetings, events and experiences.

Meeting rooms

Host meetings within your Virtual Experience Center, from intimate sessions for two or three customers through to product launches with thousands of people.

Questions & answers

Include Q&A sessions and live chat to keep the conversation flowing during your meetings and training sessions.


Include polls within presentations or located around your experience center. Real time results displayed can be kept private or shared with the audience.


Track every interaction, from meeting attendance, videos viewed, areas visited, downloads or networking sessions. Monitor live, and measure success and engagement.

Real time notifications

Communicate key information using onscreen notifications and audio announcements, ensuring all attendees know exactly what is happening throughout your event.


Connect with other attendees via private chat, set up 1:1 video chats and collaborate with like minded colleagues virtually or in person all via the platform.


Build bespoke collaborative learning courses with interactive questions, trackable video and polling. Measure engagement across sessions that can be scheduled live or on demand.


Gather valuable data from attendees using surveys before, during and after your event. Edit and access all data from our CMS.

Create a bespoke hybrid event experience

We build your event to include video presentation sessions, collaborative learning meetings, networking workshops and scavenger hunts.


  • Design your event as you like
  • Wide range of activities
  • Complete analytics tracking

Incredible virtual landscapes

Going virtual enables your brand to use its full imagination. We’ve digitally constructed stadiums, conferences, workplaces, spaceships, even Egyptian tombs! With the help of our designers we can develop the right virtual environment for your event.


  • High-end graphic design
  • High engagement rates
  • User-friendly

With event support or full management from our team

We’re here not only to design and develop your virtual event but also help you manage it on the day and leading up to the event. From our in-house studio to live streaming integration our production team ensure your event runs perfectly, every time.


  • Dedicated project management team
  • Experienced event production team
  • End to end complete turnkey solution

Get started today

Book a demo with one of our experts and see how we can create your perfect virtual event.

Virtual event FAQs

Can you set-up a registration page?

Yes, absolutely, every event package has a registration included as standard. The is a custom branded landing page with customisable fields. In addition you can also integrate with other platforms such as Cvent.

Can I add a paid ticketing system to my event?

Yes. Our virtual event platform integrates with most leading payment systems.

What's the difference between 2D and 3D?

The Procreation platform has the same powerful CMS system supporting both 2D and 3D solutions. This means that most features are available across both. 2D offers a more traditional flat webinar style visually, whereas 3D provides a fully immersive navigable environment. Typically 3D can take longer to deliver, and can also be more expensive, as there is more design and programming work involved in setting it up. Our environments include a virtual conference centre, sports arena, jungle or even a space station with transporters to beam your audience anywhere in the universe!

Can I host my platform on my own URL?

Yes, every event can be hosted on your own URL or we can provide one for you.

Is the platform compatible as a hybrid event solution?

Yes, all virtual platforms integrate seamlessly as hybrid event solutions. In person and online attendees can interact using the same tools, including asking questions and participating in polls during live sessions.

Can the virtual event be accessed after the event?

Yes, all content can from your virtual event can be made available on demand after the event.

Can virtual events work on mobile devices?

Yes. You can access your virtual event from mobile devices.

Is this platform part of the Metaverse?

It will be, when the Metaverse arrives. Right now the technology, software and hardware isn’t quite ready for the ‘Metaverse’. For now we prefer to use the term ‘Metagalaxy’ when describing Procreations’ ImmersivePro platform.