ImmersivePro 3D Platform

Unique, bespoke and branded immersive 3D experiences

VirtualPro platform

Host virtual events of all types and sizes.

Live, Hybrid & Virtual Events

Your technical events partner for live events and experiential projects

3D Immersive worlds for marketing, training, sales and events.

The most engaging live, hybrid and virtual experiences for brands across the globe.

Bespoke and immersive, browser-based metaworlds

Start your metaverse journey by creating a unique metaworld to host online experiences. Invite your team, clients and partners to your branded online world for collaboration, learning, interaction and more.

  • An immersive online space unique to you
  • Intuitive experiences in relevant environments
  • Content delivered in new and exciting ways
  • Building relationships in a hybrid working world

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Virtual experience centre

Virtual worlds perfect for training, branding and marketing initiatives

Let your audience engage with your brand and it’s products like never before with our memorable, virtual experiences. Whether it’s an interactive demonstration of your latest healthcare product, a visual timeline of your brand’s history or a gamified platform that sees users battle it out on a global leaderboard, we place your brand front and center in a way that both entertains and informs.


  • Permanent meeting rooms with whiteboards, polls, Q&A
  • Supercharged positive brand perception
  • Wow-factor engagement
  • Unrivalled digital content

Virtual events

Experience the future of events today

Connect with a wider audience, supercharge engagement rates and boost your brand’s positive perception with immersive virtual events. With virtual presentations, breakout rooms, interactive polling and real time notifications, there is so much available to make your event a success. And, it can all be measured through our analytics platform.


  • Reach a global audience
  • ‘Always on’ virtual spaces
  • Interactive experiences that keep people engaged
  • Easy to use, easy to manage
  • Environmentally sustainable
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Hybrid events

Inclusive events for everyone

Combine the best of both virtual and real worlds with hybrid event experiences. We connect your real world event and virtual event creating an engaging experience for all attendees wherever they are in the world.


  • Connect attendees from around the world
  • Create a seamless virtual and real world experience
  • Interact with virtual tools like Q&As, polling and networking
  • With support or full management from us

Virtual training platform

Learn anywhere, anytime, any way you want

Virtual training environments are a powerful and versatile way for instructors to enhance the learning process. Using virtual worlds or 2D platforms can provide more inclusive, environmentally sustainable and cost-effective ways of delivering courses, as well as allowing tracking progress with learners in order to identify any areas where additional support may need boosting.


  • Learning Management System
  • Unlimited courses
  • Classroom style live video tutor support
  • Increased learner engagement
  • Reduced training costs
  • Greater inclusivity
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Digital production team

Let us help you create your next big event

From live streaming production to event app and registration management to comment moderation, our team of experienced professionals will work with you to plan and execute your event flawlessly.

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