Branded virtual worlds

Create a digital space to work, learn and play

Create an immersive customer experience

Take customer engagement to a whole new level with a unique 3D branded virtual world. Launch new products, showcase your brand’s history and engage customers in gamified experiences – the possibilities for your brand are endless. Brands have always looked for new and innovative ways to engage with their customers and with a bespoke 3D branded digital environment, now you can host the ultimate interactive platform.

What is a 3D branded virtual world?

Similar to a video game, a 3D branded world places your brand front and center in a digital environment. Brands across technology, fashion and retail have been some of the first to create virtual cities to engage with users and enhance their brand’s perception in a competitive environment. These environments may be as simple as a virtual replication of a showroom or shop, or it could be as futuristic as a spaceship traveling through a dystopian galaxy. Users can engage with your brand through gamified challenges and leaderboards, quizzes, memory games, polls, all through the 3D environment.

Virtual Laboratory

Invite customers, students and colleagues into your Virtual Lab where you can demonstrate systems, software and procedures. Interact live through video chat and presentation tools. Offer takeaway materials in the form of downloads and further survey and feedback forms. Track, record and report on all activity.


Virtual Training Center

Take your team on a unique elearning journey providing a memorable, engaging and informative training experience.

Include pre-learning materials, interactive scavenger hunts, gamification, leaderboards and feedback surveys.

Integrate any SCORM based training modules right inside your VIrtual Training Centre.

Use huddle style meetings and webinars with a collection of presentation and training tools. 


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Virtual environments

Express your brands personality with a uniquely designed branded virtual world.

Custom branding

Your bespoke 3D virtual experience center is tailored to meet all aspects and needs, with its own dedicated URL (

No download required!

You’ll be able to enjoy a great viewing experience from your browser with just one click!

Enterprise grade security

We have ISO 27001 certification and are fully GDPR compliant. We offer SSO integration enabling your organisation to seamlessly and safely host meetings, events and experiences.

Breakout rooms

You can customize your groupings how you like and even have moderators freely move between rooms while checking in on the status of each activity.


Questions & answers

Our live chat and Q&A sessions will make sure that the conversation never stops during your virtual world experience.



Include polls within presentations or located around your experience center. Real time results displayed can be kept private or shared with the audience.



Understand how well people are performing and download reports instantly.

Real time notifications

Keep your attendees informed of key information with onscreen notifications and announcements. Make sure everyone knows exactly what’s happening throughout their experience!


Connect with other attendees via private chat, set up 1:1 video chats and collaborate with like minded colleagues virtually or in person all via the platform.


Build bespoke courses in our Learning Management System with interactive questions, trackable video and polling. Measure engagement across sessions that can be scheduled live or on demand.


Gather valuable data from attendees using surveys before, during and after your event. Edit and access all data from our CMS.

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Event detailed information


Media Library

On demand videos, trackable video, PDFs



Video avatar welcoming guests



Include Speaker biographies



Environment map highlighting key areas



Learning Management System, with live tutor mode



Scavenger hunt, quizzes with leaderboard


Main Plenary meeting room

Main conference rooms for larger events with live streaming & high quality show delivery


Breakout Rooms

Unlimited breakout rooms, with collaborative real-time meeting rooms



Connect with other attendees using chat and video chat all within the platform



Custom branded booths with live video chat, webinars, content on demand


Profile & briefcase

Update your details, track your progress, collect points and downloads


Network Cafe

Join the conversation with virtual tables for everyone to network with real-time video

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