Complete Hybrid Event Solutions
A Hybrid Event is an event that can include everyone, no matter where in the world they may be.  This could be at home, in the office, in an exhibition hall or in a live face to face main plenary session, and they’re all connected to the same event, same audience, and same content simultaneously.  Hybrid Events are an incredibly powerful way of including every single person, without restriction.  This huge power to drive inclusivity is why they are so popular, and also why they’re the event format now and for the future.


  • Custom branded platform

  • Registration

  • In house design team

  • Dedicated URL ‘yourhybridevent.com’

  • Define user type at registration, i.e. In person or virtual attendees

  • Custom branding

  • LIve chat

  • Q & A with moderation

  • Live polling

  • Integrate into our custom branded virtual events platform

  • Stream to On24, Crowdcomms, Zoom, You Tube, Facebook +

  • Location production team

  • Multi-camera and live streaming equipment

  • Multi-location events connected in real time

  • Event WebApp for in person live chat, polls

  • Event recording, editing and hosting on demand

Is online learning effective?
Is online learning effective?
  • Watch from anywhere on any device

  • Ask questions and get involved wherever you are

  • Join hybrid event live discussions using your phone camera

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