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ImmersivePro virtual platform

Class-leading 3D virtual world solutions

Procreation’s 3D, 360 immersive event platform ImmersivePro is a breathtaking way to engage with your audience and community online.

Instantly transport your attendees to a virtual world of your choice, from wherever they are on the planet. Our fully managed immersive environments are bespoke and are used in a wide range of applications.

    • Training: create your very own ‘always on’ online branded space to use for ongoing global educational programmes
    • Virtual conferences: invite your audiences to your virtual destination for regular or one-off conferences
    • One off special events: wow your virtual audience by building a show stopping space for that incredibly special event
    • Virtual office: build your company community by creating one familiar space for internal meetings, town halls, training, induction, onboarding etc.
    • Experience centres: Host innovation tours to showcase products in context and with interactive 3D visuals
    • Exhibitions: offer interactive booths for exhibitors to showcase their solutions










Improve engagement with ImmersivePro 

With our 3D ImmersivePro platform you can have as many or as few ’spaces’ for your audiences to explore with our simple click and move navigation.

Each of these dedicated spaces can have different functions.
Examples of these are:

  • Welcome or reception area to welcome and orient your guests
  • Main plenary where you can watch high profile key presentations
  • Networking space to join conversations with other attendees
  • Media centre to access pre-recorded content, media or pdf’s on demand
  • Visual and interactive sponsorship hoardings, screens, banners etc
  • Breakout spaces for scheduled smaller sessions
  • Exhibitors lounge for sponsors and exhibitors to showcase their content
  • Dedicated classroom space for learning
  • Lab, showroom or other space to showcase products and host training

And don’t forget these spaces can look any way you want them to!

Features for real-world use

The spectacular and immersive visuals of ImmersivePro are the gateway to a wide range of useful and interactive functions which will keep your attendees engaged, online and coming back for more.

With integrated video-conferencing software, broadcasting capability for live streaming and hosting for on demand content, you can use the space for everything you need.

      • Interactive avatars, maps and information desk
      • Networking (video and chat)
      • Learning Management System with integrated live tutoring
      • Pre-recorded or media available to download on demand
      • Trackable video content for CPD certification
      • Exhibitors & sponsors can host on demand content, downloads and 1:1 video chat
      • In platform notifications to keep attendees on track
      • Games zone and integrated gamification for added engagement


Track user behaviour across your event or experience. Every viewer, hotspot, download and user action is recorded, can be monitored live and provided post event for a detailed report to measure success and engagement.

  • Total users
  • Users by region
  • Users by type – virtual or ‘in the room’
  • User retention
  • Interactivity & engagement levels
  • Media consumption
  • Track popular streams / webinars
  • Track all hotspots
  • Track users behaviour
  • Technical information on users devices, OS and browsers

Virtual training platform

Learn anywhere, anytime, any way you want

Virtual training environments are a powerful and versatile way for instructors to enhance the learning process. Using virtual worlds or 2D platforms can provide more inclusive, environmentally sustainable and cost-effective ways of delivering courses, as well as allowing tracking progress with learners in order to identify any areas where additional support may need boosting.


  • Learning Management System
  • Unlimited courses
  • Classroom style live video tutor support
  • Increased learner engagement
  • Reduced training costs
  • Greater inclusivity
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Virtual experience centre

Virtual worlds perfect for training, branding and marketing initiatives

Let your audience engage with your brand and it’s products like never before with our memorable, virtual experiences. Whether it’s an interactive demonstration of your latest healthcare product, a visual timeline of your brand’s history or a gamified platform that sees users battle it out on a global leaderboard, we place your brand front and center in a way that both entertains and informs.


  • Permanent meeting rooms with whiteboards, polls, Q&A
  • Supercharged positive brand perception
  • Wow-factor engagement
  • Unrivalled digital content

Improve engagement with ImmersivePro


ImmersivePro is highly flexible with a host of interactive features. Inside your visually stunning digital space host unlimited meeting rooms, a presentation theatre for live broadcasts, benefit from a complete Learning Management System (LMS), relax in the wellbeing lounge or how about some fun…with a weekly treasure hunt!

Engagement is amplified with our 3D immersive platform and the possibilities are endless. Embrace the future today and speak to one of our team to see how you can start your 3D world immersive  journey.

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