It’s very easy to join our virtual events, all you need is a computer, tablet or mobile device. The fastest way to check you can join with your computer is use our compatibility test page. When attending our events you will be streaming video and interactive 360 environments, which can be demanding on your computer or mobile device. The following guidance will help you get the best from your virtual events experience.

Internet connection of 2 Mbps (up/down) or better (broadband recommended)

Close unwanted windows and Apps – including any other video conferencing Apps like Zoom or MS Teams as these can cause conflicts when accessing your camera and microphone.

If you are presenting we advise the use of a microphone/headset, a smartphone earpiece with a mic will work fine. We do not recommend bluetooth devices as these sometimes have interference and can have connection problems.

If you are joining the event on camera you will need a Webcam. This will be built into your laptop, or if you have a desktop you may require a USB webcam.

A screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 or higher is recommended for the best experience. Go to System preferences > Display (Mac) or Start > Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Screen resolution (PC). Don’t worry! A lower resolution will still work ok.


Although our events are accessible across many devices and browsers for the best experience possible we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome.

  • Google Chrome version 55 and later (recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox version 50 and later
  • Microsoft Edge (latest version)
  • IE is NOT recommended


    • Internet connection of 2 Mbps (up/down) or better (broadband recommended)



    No special requirements are needed to access our virtual events, however if you have a firewall the following ports need to be open:

    • 443/TCP (required)

    • 10000-20000/UDP + TCP (optional, recommended)


      Please find below our basic hardware requirements for joining a virtual event. Although we test on laptops up to 6 years old a laptop or desktop up to 3 years old is recommended, with the following minimum specifications :

      • 2 GHz dual-core processor or better;

      • 4 GB of RAM (8 GB or more recommended);

      • An operating system such as Windows 10, Mac OS (the newest version recommended), Chrome OS, iOS, or Android;

      • Internet connection 2 Mbps or better (broadband recommended);

      • Built-in speakers and microphone, USB plug-in or professional broadcasting equipment;

      • A built-in camera, USB plug-in, or professional camera for broadcasting.

        We can make your virtual events amazing