Do you need a Virtual Conference?

Conferences and events around the world are a fantastic opportunity to network, learn and share information, so why do you need a Virtual Conference? You can’t beat face to face meetings to develop relationships which is crucial to help your business grow, but with a global workforce this provides more than a few challenges in todays increasingly uncertain environment.  In this article we identify 5 key points that will help you identify whether your next conference should be a virtual one. There is also more information available on Virtual Meetings FAQ page here.

1. Keep Your Workforce Safe

In these uncertain times it is essential you keep your business running smoothly, whilst ensuring you keep your staff safe. Arranging a Virtual Conference is an easy way to safely engage with your workforce and continue to grow your business.

Keep your workforce safe

2. Widen and Engage with your Audience

Creating a virtual conference is the most inclusive way for an organisation to hold an event. A Virtual Conference isn’t limited geographically to the region you are in, instead it is a global event and anyone that is online can join via mobile, tablet or desktop.Running a Virtual Conference or Virtual Training not only means you can reach more people but it also enables you to interact with those people, in real time, gathering more detailed data than perhaps you might even get from a face to face conference.

Event audience

3. Save costs

As a conference organiser you will know the huge expense of running a live event. The cost of the venue and technical equipment through to the logistics costs of everyone’s flights and Hotel room’s is a huge part of every companies annual budget, not to mention the resource required internally to make sure everything goes smoothly. Running a Virtual Conference is not without cost as you still require a solid team with all the latest equipment and know-how to ensure everything runs seamlessly, but delivering a high quality online event is a fraction of the expense of bringing everyone together for a face to face conference.

Save costs with Virtual Events

4. Invite guest presenters from anywhere

Often confirming guest speakers from around the world for live events can be challenging due to travel, different time zones and time commitment. Everyone’s time is valuable and even more so in the current digital and social media age we are living in with everyone wanting everything now. With a Virtual Conference you are able to invite anyone from anywhere. Presenters can stream live from the comfort of their office or home, or pre-recorded presentations can be included in your Conference Program.


5. Reduce carbon footprint

Perhaps the most important and significant element of running events and conferences is the impact it has on our environment. Flying hundreds or thousands of people around the world and catering for them has a huge negative impact on the environment. If we look an example of a delegates travel, with a flight from London to Berlin, which is 1,900km we can see just how much of an impact one person has.

This information from clearly shows that holding just one conference nearly uses up one persons entire carbon footprint allowance for one year. This is particularly frightening as the world is a long way off changing to fall in line with these figures. Holding a Virtual Conference therefore plays a huge part in reducing the global carbon footprint and bringing your organisation one step closer to achieving a carbon neutral status.


If just one of these facts resonates with your business, and I’m sure it is more than one, then please get in touch with us today so we can discuss your next Virtual Conference and help your business grow whilst saving money, create a more engaging event experience, reduce carbon footprint and keep your workforce safe.

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