Secure, custom branded webinars and meetings

Cloudpresenter© is our sister company with a platform  designed and developed especially for events and meetings, video conferencing, webinars and eLearning. With the ability to switch (in real-time) between different modes, like collaboration, sharing and discussion it is ideal for one to one meetings through to events for thousands of people.


Keep your audience enthralled with interactive tools even when your presentations are online. Polls, screenshare, whiteboard, Q&A – everything you need to enhance your presentation.

It is easy to run and manage multiple webinars and presentations concurrently with moderated Q&A, polls and chat in each; and with technicians and producers on hand, your event will run smoothly and reflect the professionalism of your organisation.


High Quality Presentations

Our platform uses the latest HTML5 and WebRTC technology to deliver a high quality user experience, stright from your browser, no downloads required!

Custom branding

You can use Cloudpresenter straight out of the box, or make your event unique with bespoke branding and colours across your entire event experience.

Data Virtual Events and Face to Face

Enterprise grade security

We are GDPR compliant and Cloudpresenter is built on the highest security standards to provide a fully encrypted and data isolated service. This makes it the preferred solution for big corporate companies, where security in communication is paramount.

Breakout rooms

Pre-assign or randomly assign groups with up to 300 rooms, customised how you like. Moderators can freely move between rooms to check in on groups. Broadcast messages to all to announce the end of an activity. 

Questions & answers

Include Q&A sessions in your events which can be public or moderated – the choice is yours. Alongside our dedicated questions and answers feature add our Live Chat feature to keep the conversation flowing during your meetings.

Data Virtual Events and Face to Face


Create unlimited polls, with single or multiple choice questions. Real time results displayed can be kept private or shared with the audience.