Measurement, optimisation and reporting for every event.

Virtual events provide a unique opportunity to collect audience data like no face to face event ever can. We’ve designed our metrics system to gather granular analytical data of how each event performs.

Using our live event dashboard and post event reports we supply our clients valuable data to better understand audience behaviour and can equip them with unique insight into the event, their business and their attendees.

Using this information is crucial to understanding delegate engagement and identifying areas for improvement, in turn creating better virtual events and experiences, and more importantly overall business growth.

• Detailed visibility of user behaviour

• Track interaction with every touchpoint during your event

• Measure attendance across every room for CPD certification

• Track live and on demand user engagement

• Track downloads and resource material engagement

• Powerful insights for exhibitors

• Follow up on key areas of interest

• Track by day, week for ongoing and post event visibility

• Gather data for better future virtual events