Best in class Hybrid Event for 8000+ in the energy sector

Global energy company goes hybrid with an 8000 strong audience


The company, which is a household name to many, was hosting its Annual Internal Conference, but this time wanted to do things better than they’d ever done before.  They wanted the event to be more efficient, facilitate better conversations with dynamic live content and, importantly, improve engagement by extending the event to a wider, but still highly targeted and valued audience.

There were two in-person event locations; O2 Intercontinental in London and Aberdeen International Conference Centre.  These locations respectively hosted 2,000 and 1,000 attendees in person.

The brief was to create a truly hybrid experience that brought everyone together, as well as an additional audience of 5,000 people joining the conference virtually.


Working alongside the incumbent agency, Procreation brought 8,000 people together for a truly hybrid, high-quality professional Annual Internal Conference. 

Procreation’s role was to seamlessly bring the two locations together and deliver the same content to all attendees – including the virtual audience –  in real time, so everyone had a shared experience of the day.

Each location had the same 40m LED screen backdrop and multi camera production, with the live feeds from each location relayed on screen at the each end via real time HD SRT link. All cameras were mixed live with slide and video content, and broadcast as a live stream across the client’s own platform to the virtual audience of 5,000. 

To guarantee continuous high speed connectivity, Procreation deployed its network technology and support teams at each site to create bonded networks, ensuring all SRT and live stream links had 100% uptime.

The event was a series of presentations from each location followed by Q&A sessions. Every audience member was able to pose questions to presenters regardless of whether they were in London, Scotland or a virtual audience member.

The feedback on the day was that it was a fantastic and inclusive experience. A truly hybrid event, no attendee felt they were any less involved and it has paved the way for future, hybrid company experiences.

Hybrid live Q&A

“The feedback on the day was that it was a fantastic and inclusive experience. A truly hybrid event, no attendee felt they were any less involved and it has paved the way for future, hybrid company experiences.”

Hybrid audience

The project overview 

  • High quality Annual Internal Conference attended by 8000
  • 3 x audiences connected in real time across two live venues and virtually including:
    • 2000 live audience at venue one
    • 1000 live audience at venue two
    • 5000 virtual audience
  • The same content delivered to all attendees in real time
  • Seamless delivery in all aspects of the event
  • Continuous high speed connectivity
  • 100% uptime for live stream
  • Live presentations and Q&A sessions across all locations
  • Live Q&A from London, Scotland or virtually
Hybrid event filming

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Platform Features

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Our platform uses the latest HTML5 and WebRTC technology to deliver a high quality user experience, stright from your browser, no downloads required!

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Integrate live training sessions with virtual, bringing audiences together throughout the world.

Custom branding

A completely bespoke 3D Virtual Experience Centre with a dedictaed URL (

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We have ISO 27001 certfication and are fully GDPR compliant. We offer SSO integration enabling your organisation to seemlessly and safely host meetings, events and experiences.

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Host meetings within your Virtual Experience Center, from intimate sessions for two or three customers through to product launches with thousands of people.

Questions & answers

Include Q&A sessions and live chat to keep the conversation flowing during your meetings and training sessions.

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Include polls within presentations or located around your Experience Center. Real time results displayed can be kept private or shared with the audience.

Data Virtual Events and Face to Face


Track every interaction, from meeting attendance, videos viewed, areas visited, downloads or networking sessions. Monitor live and measure success and engagement.

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