Blending 3D immersive with real life for hybrid pharmaceutical events

Leading Pharmaceutical company blends  3D Immersive and real life


Now into its second year as a hybrid event, this top five Pharmaceutical company host an Annual Conference and Masterclass event with a focus on living with HIV, drawing attention to key topics from HIV therapies, the impact of COVID-19, inequality, communities and a holistic approach to healthcare across different global regions.

The brief was to create an event that facilitated a high level of engagement throughout the 2-day programme, for a global virtual audience of 600, and the 400 delegates attending in person. The event was to include live simultaneous translation for both in-person and virtual attendees across three different languages, driving conversation between delegates and supporting healthy debates throughout all sessions.


Working alongside the Company’s medical agency, Procreation enabled a truly hybrid, high-quality and engaging Annual Conference and Masterclass event.

The in-person event was hosted at the Wembley Hilton, with a large 21m LED designed stage-set, providing a canvas to relay a dynamic range of content, as well as incorporate virtual presenters and interactive polls and surveys.

Blended with this was an immersive 3D platform, delivering an equally high-level, yet virtual experience, in a similarly branded three-dimensional space that attendees could wander around and take part in sessions.

Using Procreation’s ImmersivePro platform, delegates were able to join virtually and select the language of choice, enabling participation in their native language for questions and answers, polling and surveys. All content was made available on-demand for all sessions, so delegates could log in and watch sessions back in their own time. 

Attendees at the Hotel were given iPads in the conference room, and using the Procreation event app they were able to view event content, as well as ask questions, chat, participate in polls and select which language if they needed simultaneous translation.

To guarantee continuous high speed connectivity, Procreation deployed its network technology and support team to create bonded networks, ensuring remote contributions and all of the 18 livestream had 100% uptime.

The event was a series of presentations followed by Q&A sessions. Every audience member was able to pose questions and engage with polls regardless of whether they were physically in the room or a virtual audience member in 3D space.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with the end result being a truly hybrid engaging and inclusive experience. Based on the success of event format the 2023 event has been commissioned, with even more interactive elements planned.

Hybrid live Q&A

“The delegate and speaker feedback has been so good. The technology deployed across the event really was fantastic (and) leveraging the capabilities of the 3D virtual and event app has meant that everyone attending was more connected than ever before

Hybrid audience

The project overview 

  • High quality Annual Internal Conference & Masterclass event attended by 1000
  • 3D ImmersivePro virtual events platform
  • Audiences connected in real time across live and virtual:
    • 400 live audience 
    • 600 virtual audience
  • 3 languages
  • Event App
  • Seamless delivery in all aspects of the event
  • Continuous high speed connectivity
  • 100% uptime for live stream
  • Live presentations and Q&A sessions across all locations
  • On demand content
  • 12 months ‘always on’ environment accessible for delegates
Hybrid event filming

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