3D Virtual Environments for Immersive Learning

The Future of HR Learning

The world is rapidly changing, and so are the ways in which we learn. Traditional training methods are becoming outdated, and virtual training is stepping up to take their place. Virtual training comes with many benefits and cost-efficeinecies, enhancing attention rates and saving time, making it the future of HR learning.

Virtual Training for 80,000 employees

A leading global healthcare provider with over 80,0000 employees required Virtual training technology to deliver effective learning experiences. Learners needed the flexibility to participate in training sessions from anywhere with an internet connection. Accessing content at any time was made possible through virtual training skills and challenges, with interactive sessions facilitated through integrated video conferencing tools. Skills and knowledge had to be validated through details analytics obtained via the virtual training. With virtual training, individuals can engage in immersive learning experiences, enhancing their skills and staying ahead in the dynamic HR industry.

Interactive Tools for Effective Virtual Training

Procreation created a 3D virtual training experience which inlcudied the following key features:

  • Immersive 3D environment
  • Safari theme aligned with other global HR brand activations
  • Six pillars with unqiue immersive learning experiences
  • Intergation with existing client internal HR software
  • Global; delivery in 8 languages
  • Interactive skills and challenges 
  • Learner Passport – collecting stamps on their Safari journey
  • Gamification ‘leaderboard’

““Just competed the safari, what a great immersive way of learning (putting my digital learning designer hat on) and also reminded me of the old point and click adventure games (taking my digital learning designer hat off!). I’m definitely going to pay more attention to what’s happening worldwide across Bupa rather than being UK focussed, to #MakeTheElephantRun – learned about so many great things happening around the globe!”


online training environment
online training environment
online training environment

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Platform Features

No download required!

Our platform uses the latest HTML5 and WebRTC technology to deliver a high quality user experience, stright from your browser, no downloads required!

Hybrid ready!

Integrate live training sessions with virtual, bringing audiences together throughout the world.

Custom branding

A completely bespoke 3D Virtual Experience Centre with a dedictaed URL (

Data Virtual Events and Face to Face

Enterprise grade security

We have ISO 27001 certfication and are fully GDPR compliant. We offer SSO integration enabling your organisation to seemlessly and safely host meetings, events and experiences.

Meeting rooms

Host meetings within your Virtual Experience Center, from intimate sessions for two or three customers through to product launches with thousands of people.

Questions & answers

Include Q&A sessions and live chat to keep the conversation flowing during your meetings and training sessions.

Data Virtual Events and Face to Face


Include polls within presentations or located around your Experience Center. Real time results displayed can be kept private or shared with the audience.

Data Virtual Events and Face to Face


Track every interaction, from meeting attendance, videos viewed, areas visited, downloads or networking sessions. Monitor live and measure success and engagement.

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